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To ensure that each packaging reflects the quality and unique character of your product.

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Pack&Co. - Glass packaging

Glass Packaging

Blending traditional know-how and technological innovations to provide sustainable and aesthetic glass packaging solutions, suitable for customers and products of all sizes across Europe

Pack&Co. - Glass Bottle Coating

Glass Bottle Coating
To strengthen your identity

Pack&Co offers customization for your bottles and drinking glasses with high-quality printing, ensuring each bottle showcases your brand’s unique character. With various printing options, we cater to all client needs, whether at our Arques site in France or our factory in Turkey.

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Pack&Co. - Glasses


Pack&Co. - Cans

Metal Cans

Pack&Co. - Caps & Closures

Caps & Closures

Pack&Co. - Plastic Layers

Plastic Layers


Clients in France & Belgium


bottles sold per year.


brewing clients in France and the Benelux.


New bottle molds in 2023
Pack&Co. - About us

About... Pack & Co.

With 25 years of international trade experience, a network across Europe, CEI, MENA, and a multilingual team, Pack & Co stands as the preferred partner for high-quality glass bottle production for the European market. We offer sustainable and aesthetically pleasing packaging solutions suitable for breweries of all sizes throughout Europe. Dedicated to customer satisfaction, we take pride in contributing to your products’ success, ensuring each bottle embodies your brand’s quality and uniqueness.

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